Acupuncture in Norway

Acupuncture is currently offered in 37% of hospitals in Norway. Many acupuncturists in Norway have a health professional background as a physiotherapist, nurse or doctor.

The Norwegian Acupuncture Association

Norwegian Acupuncture Association was founded in 2005 after a merger between NFKA (founded in 1978) and NAHO (founded in 1993). The Association is by far the most numerious organisation for acupuncturists in Norway.

The members elect board members and also the president of the board. In 2024 the Board consists of these members:
Guro S. Fresvik (president), Siv Grete Magnussen, Hilde Bjørngaard, Ellen Marit Bjerke, Jingsheng Shang, Liv Due-Andresen, vara-membler Kristin Freberg Brakstad and Sandra Iversen Gautestad.



Basic training required for membership is 240 study points (4 years full time study) – of which 90 study points in western medicine. Students from Kristiania University College are considered qualified for membership in the association. In 2008 Norwegian College of Acupuncture later Kristiania University College fullfilled the criterias for a bachelor´s degree in acupuncture.

Applicants with education from schools other than Kristiania University College (from abroad) must be able to document that it is at the same level. Academic degrees (such as Bachelor / Master) must be approved by NOKUT. Applicants with acupuncture education from other schools may also be asked to take a practical test.

Become a member? Remember to submit your application together with your papers from NOKUT.


Legal aspects

In 2004 Norway got a new Act relating to the alternative treatment of disease, illness, etc. The act is very liberal, with few requirements. Therefore we can say that Norwegian acupuncturists are mostly self regulated through membership in the association. Though when it comes to marketing of alternative medicine, there are strong restrictions.



A membership costs NOK 4500 + NOK 530 (collective membership in SMB Norway) a year. Most of this is deductible as a trade union membership fee on the tax return. In addition, the liability insurance comes to NOK 275, – if you want it. There is a three-month written termination of membership.

Here are some of the benefits of the memberships:

The right to use the title «Acupuncturist MAF» (member of the Acupuncture Association).

Listing under «Find your acupuncturist» on the Acupuncture Association’s website.

Offer of a very reasonable liability insurance for only NOK 275. The insurance also covers other forms of treatment that are natural to find in an acupuncture practice, such as homeopathy and treatment with Chinese herbal medicine, cupping and light massage (not manipulation) and moxa.

The Acupuncture Association’s journal deQi twice a year with relevant articles on subjects and research, news from the Acupuncture Association and much other material.

Discounted membership courses for professional replenishment and inspiration.

The opportunity to use various discounts and offers The Acupuncture Association has negotiated for its members: Tryg forsikring (insurance), Esay practice, fysiopartner, Akupunkturutstyr AS and Bambora to name a few.

Free use of Become visible – marketing materials.

The opportunity to apply for research support.

Access to the Acupuncture Association’s closed Facebook group. There you can discuss with other members and receive relevant information continuously.


Acupuncture treatment is not funded in any way, so patients have to pay for the treatment themselves.

International affairs

Norwegian Acupuncture Association has been a member of World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies (WFAS) since 1987 and a member of European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association (ETCMA) since 2007.

Chinese herbal medicine

There is no education in Chinese Herbal Medicine in Norway. Nevertheless, students at the two earlier mentioned colleges, get a 50 hours introduction to the area. In Norwegian Acupuncture Association we only have about 20 practitioners with a education in Chinese Herbal Medicine. Only a handful of these are active practitioners.

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